Instituut voor Equitherapie en Hippische Sportpsychologie

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celebrating: 11th anniversary year a the  training course Equitherapy (SHP) in the Netherlands
Program Symposium on 21 22 mey 2011
registration form http://www.hippocampus-nl.com/page/Aanmelden-Symposium
Photos of the Symposium

Since 2000 the Netherlands provides a trainingprogram Equitherapy  SHP open to candidates with an educational, therapeutic or psychological professional basis. Equitherapists SHP are learning in an intensive two-year training program to cope with the skills of the horse to deepen their work with clients. Many therapeutic and educational processes can thus be improved and also lead to much more fun for the clients. 2000 was also the founding years of the Dutch Foundation of Helping with Horses Equitehrapy, in these 10 years with an international focus on quality a good certification scheme has been developed. In this anniversary year several things that are celebrated are: 1) SHP can now offer training and refresher training in the newly constructed Hippocampus training centre with  many new technical possibilities and learning techniques. 2) In this year the forthcoming book Equitherapy SHP-E (NL) written by the course leader Ulrike Thiel and the teachers, all highly skilled specialists in the field of therapeutic riding is been edited. 3) SHP joins an international EU project to develop a quality system for therapy and interventions with animals in Europe.


More information www.equitherapie.org