Instituut voor Equitherapie en Hippische Sportpsychologie

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Presentation Netherlands

During the first dinner of the meeting Ulrike THiel presented a slide show over the Netherlands made by Annet and Ulrike to give our partners an introduction to their inviting partner country

4th meeting of LDV partners

4 th LDV Meeting of partners at the HippoCampus trainings centre of SHP-E(NL)

LDV Workshop

SHP organized a 1 day workshop for partners and students
at the HippoCampus Training centre 7th october 2011
Aim: Introduction to the working methods of the SHP and training Equitherapie (SHP) and the certification system for quality assurance. Initial discussion with other colleagues (from the countries: France, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium Germany) about the differences and similarities of training in the expectation of our organizations to develop the EU framework.
Partners attending this workshop where:
France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands (with students), Slovakia (with student)

Equitherapist's Training

Here you can see pohotographs taken during the Equitherpist's training of SHP at the HippoCampus Training Centre

Presentation english

Presentation SHP E NL