Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden  Equitherapie

Registration Meeting and Hotel

Leonardo Da Vinci Project

A European qualification framework for practice and training in Animal Mediated Assistance and Therapy (AMAT)


4th Meeting of Partner Organizations  7th - 9th october 2011
organized by
SHP  Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden - Equitherapie
in cooperation with the  trainings centre HippoCampus Cranendonk  The Netherlands

With this form you can register for the Meeting at SHP and for the hotel  reservation directly with
Golden Tulip Hotel Jagershorst
Valkenswaardseweg 44, 5595XB Leende
0031 88-1188820
This form is for foreign participants only. The Members of the Dutch Team will plan their presence at the following Skype conference following week 

Before sending you can  print the form using the print link at the end of the page below left
You receive a confirmation per mail
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