Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden  Equitherapie

4th Meeting of Partners at HippoCampus

Leonardo Da Vinci Project

A European qualification framework for practice and training in Animal Mediated Assistance and Therapy (AMAT)

4th Meeting of Partner Organizations 7th - 9th october 2011
organized by
SHP Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden - Equitherapie
in cooperation with the trainings centre HippoCampus Cranendonk The Netherlands


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With this form you can register for the Meeting at SHP and for the hotel reservation directly with
Golden Tulip Hotel Jagershorst
Valkenswaardseweg 44, 5595XB Leende
0031 88-1188820
SHP centre HippoCampus
De Bult 2, 6027 RG Soerendonk
0031 495 453757

Friday, 7 October 10.30-18.00


Aim: Introduction to the working methods of the SHP and training Equitherapie (SHP) and the certification system for quality assurance. Initial discussion with other colleagues (from the countries: France, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium Germany) about the differences and similarities of training in the expectation of our organizations to develop the EU framework.
  • Guided tour around horses and training centre.
  • How are the (trainings/ and therapy) horses living
  • Training of the therapy horses
  • Let's see what the therapy horses in the Netherlands have to know according to our therapy model .
  • Equestrian , techniques we use to help the client during his process
  • Power Point Presentation about the relationship and shape-countershape- triangle and its use in the education of therapists and the therapeutic process itself.
  • Overview of the training and the profile of the SHP Equitherapeut
  • Self Experience exercises and vaulting exercises and Ulrike Equitherapeuten
  • Exercise and working model during the introductory workshop for selection of students for the Equitherapist's training.
  • The approach of supervision and peer supervision, groups process and developing the relationship with the horse during the two years of training within the SHP. concept of Equitherapy.
  • Discussion of students SHP with colleagues and partners about similarities and differences of approaches in different organizations in different countries and conditions.
  • An analysis is made for review by Ulrike. It will be used in the project