Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden  Equitherapie

Project report of SHP

Leonardo Da Vinci Project

A European qualification framework for practice and training in Animal Mediated Assistance and Therapy (AMAT)

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Project description
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Project report of SHP
The productions of SHP-E(Nl) within the project as PDF-downloads

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A Student's experience in the LDV-Project AMAT
(By Maria van Eijk. Student member of the Dutch team)
As a student I was invited to take part at the project, by the project leader (stakeholder) of the Dutch delegation,
Ulrike Thiel (SHP-E(Nl).

My tasks within the project

  • Take notes from the meetings of the Dutch delegation and the international meetings of the LDV-partners
  • Internet survey
  • Report my experience of the workshops and the meetings organised by the Dutch and the Belgium delegations.
  • To provide information about my college - experience at Equitherapie SHP
  • To support the project leader of the Dutch delegation
  • Reading the LDV-list (mail between the partners)
  • To take part in the meetings and skype conferences of the Dutch team


download this report as a PDF file
My participation as a student in the LDV project on AMAT
a critical analysis of the project
By Tessa Wester (student member of the Dutch LDV team)
1. Introduction
1.1 Life Long Learning Programme
1.2 Leonardo da Vinci Projects
1.3 Project description
1.4 Goals and targets
2. My position
3. Analysis of working in a LDV project
3.1 Communication lines and their use
3.1.1 The communication lines and their use
3.1.2 The internal survey and the results of the LDV-list
3.1.3 Examples of discussions and communication on the LDV-list
3.1.4 Forum
3.2 Decision making
3.2.1 Stakeholders in partner meeting and in working groups
3.2.2 Decisions of stakeholders in Skype meetings
3.2.3 Change of decisions in notes
3.3 Execution of the agreed work
3.3.1 Development of products
3.3.2 Working in working groups
3.3.3 Adjusting opinion about productions
3.4 Code of ethics and code of good practice in partnership
3.5 Comparison of meetings
4 Productions
4.1 My productions
4.2 Productions made with my assistance
5 Conclusion of the project

Activities organised by SHP within this project:

4th Meeting of Partner Organizations 7th - 9th october 2011
organized by
SHP Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden - Equitherapie
in cooperation with the trainings centre
HippoCampus Cranendonk The Netherlands
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Do have a look at the photo's of the meeting and at the slide show presented at the meeting:
Photo's of the 4th meeting
Photo's of the workshop on friday 7th october
The Slide Show over The Netherlands presented at Friday 7th october

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4 th LDV Meeting of partners at the HippoCampus trainings centre of SHP-E(NL)
SHP organized a 1 day workshop for partners and students
at the HippoCampus Training centre 7th october 2011
Aim: Introduction to the working methods of the SHP and training Equitherapie (SHP) and the certification system for quality assurance. Initial discussion with other colleagues (from the countries: France, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium Germany) about the differences and similarities of training in the expectation of our organizations to develop the EU framework.
Partners attending this workshop where:
France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands (with students), Slovakia (with student)
Presentation Netherlands

During the first dinner of the meeting Ulrike THiel presented a slide show over the Netherlands made by Annet and Ulrike to give our partners an introduction to their inviting partner country


Notes of SHP over meetings and jurneys within the LDV project
  • Notes of the 4th partner meeting
  • Notes of the 1st meeting Data collection
  • Notes of the second meeting data collection
  • Notes of the meeting :missing link between data collection and definitions
  • Notes of the meetings with the slovakian partner
  • Notes of the Workshop  of Ulrike THiel at the slovakian partner orgganization
Reports of the Dutch team:
  • Report of the first jurrney to Poland to meet the silent partner-organization
  • Report of our involvement in the congress of our silent partner in Poland

Power Point presentations of SHP offered in this project

  • Power point of our presentation of the L:DV project at the congress in Poland
  • Power Point of our presentation at the workshop in the Netherl;ands
  • Power Point of our introduction to the LDV project at the foirst meeting
  • Power Point of our critical report about the Folder of the AMAT project
  • Power Point of the Data collection process within this project