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Leonardo Da Vinci Project
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Thematic Group Data Collection
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Meeting report of research commission LDV project in Belgium

28th of augusts 2011

On Sunday-morning, the 28th of augusts I arrived at Ulrike to go to the meeting of the commission "research of Leonardo da Vinci” with the other ladies Ivana, Tine and Tessa in Belgium.

After a nice cup of coffee the five of us left for Belgium. We had a good trip and underway was informed about the upcoming day. After approximately 2 hours with a short pause we arrived at Fabienne in Belgium. There Stephanie had already arrived from Germany and just a tad later our Belgian partner Marie-Theresa came.

After we had introduced ourselves we had reached the programme content. We all got a clear picture of the situation in the countries of our partners. It struck me that the forms of questonarry weren't the same in every country. That made the first round of the research worthless.

Everyone could express its frustration and that was certainly necessary… but immediately afterwards we thought about how can be acted to solve the problem. The new ideas were exchanged and an action plan was made. Fabienne had prepared delicious food and drinks.

There was a good atmosphere in spite of the difficulties. It was interesting to experiences how in spite of the different partners we could come to a common conclusion.

The way back went smooth and by the evening I was a littelbit taierd when i came home.

Agnes de Groot-Biegaj


SHP Activities open to students and partners
Report of German visitors to our activity:  for more information
Report Activity in Netherland 19.-21.8.2011
fotos of this event FATP 2011

Germany and Netherland

Friday very intersting referats, in special methods of riding therapy, important to know more different ways to work with horses and men.

A German organisation not in LDV showed a dissertation.

Austria told about systemic work and horse work as combination.

used the tetralemma-model and we had a little practice for that.

Netherlands showed the Pesso Method.

Förderkreis spoke about NLP and Riding therapy, specialised with the emotion of fear.

Switzerland offered self-experience with the freee horse, try to interest it to take contact.

Saturday and Sunday we thought about the fact, that there are many new organisations with forms of trainings for so called therapists, with none or not good ethics and the fact, that there are many different thoughts and needs for the competences of therapeutic horses.

There is also need to set standards in the therapeutic work with horses. Otherway the number of people who do therapeutic work with persons without knowledge about consequences and without responsibility will rise. Maybe they do bad publicity about this.

Anchana Bose

Translation Doris Rußig

Opening training centre SHP and 2 days symposium for Equitherapists and riders
Activity in Netherlands 22.5.2011
Program and content of this symposium
Fotoshow of this symposium Opening Cursuscentrum

Germany and Netherlands Short Report from Germany:

I was a nice area (schooling centre from netherlands), very interesting and informative speaches and good impressions, to know more about the Netherlandish way of training. Important impressions for us to work on framework.

Doris Rußig
For more information on program and content see

Partners meeting in the Netherlands 10-13.9.2011

Present parts:

The Netherlands – Ulrike Thiel

Slovakia – Michaela Drobná


Passive participating and observing the final and partial exams of students in 1st and 2nd year of Equitherapy training SHP. Acquainting with Dutch education system in the Netherlands, which can help Slovakia by oncoming reconstruction of education system in EAT.

For the Netherlands it is a opportunity to disseminate their elaborated education system into other countries.

Categorize main factors mostly emerging in open questions in the two versions of questionnaire. Preparing set of questions and form of spreading questionnaires to answerers.

Saturday 10.9.2011
fotos from this event Examen 2011

Examen 2011
In the weekend from 10to 11 september 2011the last exams have taken place.
A colleaque from Slovakia visited the exams within the Da Vinci Partner project on AMAT
I took part in Dutch partial exams and evaluation of work of individual students from 1st training year . I made me clear about the structure and system, how does the Dutch education in EAT works. In Slovakia I have to discuss it with association, how can be chosen parts of education implement in Slovak system. And even if there is a possibility to use some aspects from Dutch education.

There emerged an idea of preparation of short lecture of Ulrike Thiel through her visit in Slovakia. The lecture can address equine therapist, riding teacher, riders, breeders Main thema could be horse friendly approach.

Sunday 11.9.2011

The last day of exams for students from the 2nd year.

At the end of exams I was asked by Ulrike Thiel to take a short speech to present students. I used it for stress the need of interpersonal and also international cooperation between therapists. European project as our is a good opportunity for cooperation. And like in normal life, in project meet different standpoints, too, and conflict can emerge, but searching for positives and strong sides can help to solve the problems.

The biggest benefit from this external participation and observation for Slovakia is an other approach to equitherapy trainees. In Dutch system is higher emphasis on individual professional and personal development of students and higher demands settled on trainees.

Monday 12.9.2011

Preparation and activation of Data base for contacts, that are important for questionnaire and results dissemination.

Beginning of extracting main factors from open questions from Dutch and German questionnaire for multiple-choice answer in new round of questionnaire.

Preparing and choosing proper questions for questionnaire, that comprehend a big area of information but that does not exhaust the answerer.

After trying out the opportunities of Google docs we found it as fitting solution for presenting the 2nd phase of questionnaire. Some points have to be searched out in a trial version.

Michaela implemented English translation of Dutch results in her SPSS program so that she with Ulrike can do parts of their analysis independent of each other.

As important point we found out the possibility to compare and explain the situations in different countries in personal contact helps to avoid a lot of misunderstanding in the future. This method has to be used in comparing definitions too, because they can not be seen lose independent from situation in different countries, which sometimes really have to be explained carefully in order to catch the main points.

On the 28th of September there will be a skype conference with other members of thematic group Data collecting, where we will present an efficient procedure for presentation and collection of data from different countries. The second point in the skyep confrerence will be decision about final form.

Before the skype conference will Michaela send to other members of Data collection group an introduction made by Dutch and German partners to translation.



Different groups of SDutch Equitherapists having followed the SHP education


Situations from the Equitherapy sessions SHP
Opleiding 2


Some situations from the SHP Equitherapists training
Opleiding 1

Dome more situations from the SHP Equitherapists training nect to the horse and on the horse

Presentatie engels


Short presentation of
The Dutch Foundation SHP-E (NL)