Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden  Equitherapie

4th Meeting of Partners Report

Leonardo Da Vinci Project

A European qualification framework for practice and training in Animal Mediated Assistance and Therapy (AMAT)


4th Meeting of Partner Organizations 7th - 9th october 2011
organized by
SHP Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden - Equitherapie
in cooperation with the trainings centre
HippoCampus Cranendonk The Netherlands
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Do have a look at the photo's of the meeting and at the slide show presented at the meeting:

Photo's of the 4th meeting
Photo's of the workshop on friday 7th october
The Slide Show over The Netherlands presented at Friday 7th october

Short summary and report of the meeting (in construction)

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4 th LDV Meeting of partners at the HippoCampus trainings centre of SHP-E(NL)
SHP organized a 1 day workshop for partners and students
at the HippoCampus Training centre 7th october 2011
Aim: Introduction to the working methods of the SHP and training Equitherapie (SHP) and the certification system for quality assurance. Initial discussion with other colleagues (from the countries: France, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium Germany) about the differences and similarities of training in the expectation of our organizations to develop the EU framework.
Partners attending this workshop where:
France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands (with students), Slovakia (with student)
Presentation Netherlands

During the first dinner of the meeting Ulrike THiel presented a slide show over the Netherlands made by Annet and Ulrike to give our partners an introduction to their inviting partner country