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Report trip to poland 25-29 okt 2011

Bakel ,02-11-2011

Rapport from de journey to Poland 25-29 October 2011

25 October 2011 went I en Ulrike Thiel to Warsaw (Poland). Stana Tilesova( representing Poland in our LDV project) arranged de meeting with Anna Struminska hoe is leading de biggest hippotherapeutical organisation in Poland PTHip (Polskie Towarzystwo Hipoerapeutyczne) The goal of this journey was to use this contact to make possible reach as much as possible people hoe are working as hippotherapist in Poland for the data basic from our project en collect literature en contact persons from Poland.

On Wensday 26 October 2011 from 11.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. we meet Anna Struminska in Warsaw op het address Nowoursynowska 100 in the suburbs of South Warsaw. The organisation (PTHip) is situated in the complex from Agriculture University of Warsaw. The PTHip rent the place from them. In this place are 8 horses en are working 20 people. They has 120 clients per week. They has different specialists who are working there: physiotherapists, logopedics, pedagogics en psychologist hoe has also hipotherapy profession.

This organisation is working already 19 years en has 8 such hippotherapeutical places in Poland in different cities. They gives also same kind of recommendation for another hipotherapeuthical praktics in Poland. That construction has name "patronat” en will say that this practice is good enough to make this job. Pthip organisation has also own system of education in Poland and after this education you can became instructor hippotherapy. The job instructor hippotherapy is under health department in Poland bat has not the regulated status. Pthip en Anna Struminska has big influence in Poland in hipotherapeutical world.

This day we have seen also the way of working with the clients. At last we are speaking about the similarity en differentiae's in the way of schooling students for eqiutherapy/hippotherpy in both century's. The both sides are interested to continue the contacting with each other.

On Thursday 27 October 2011 under recommendation from Anna Struminska we together with Stana Tilesowa (hoe join as this day) have been in another hippotherapy place in Warsaw. We have been there from 11.00 tile 16.00. The foundation "Hey koniku” is 16 years old en rent de faciliteiten en from de manege in north-east of Warsaw. They have per week 60 clients. For those clients are 7 horses. We had also there the opportunity to see the therapeutic session en enough time to speak with the hippotherapeuts about their way of working and our way of working with the clients. They have their Paralympics team with good results. People hoe we meat in this place where kindly and they share easily the experiences with as.

On Friday 28 October 2011 also under recommendation from Anna Struminska we together with Stana Tilesowa have been in thwo another hippotherapy places in not long distance from Warsaw in place Zagorze. We have been there from 10.30 till 12.30. This place have the name Hippoland. The hippotherapist invited as to walk with them thru the forest with the client en watch the way of working in this place. Then inside with cap of coffie we could tolking with each other about hippotherapy en history of this foundation. Hippoland in this place is allredy 7 years. Per year coms hier about 200 clients. They have good Paralympics team. Their hope that the psychiatric hospital in the neighbourhood will more interested to cooperated with them.

At 13.00p.m. the same day we went to TPD Helenow, also nearly Warsaw. People hoe are working there are specialist in pedagogic, physiotherapy en psychology en of course hippotherapy. Hippotherapy praxis is part of complex for disable people where the children can follow the education en his individual rehabilitation on the same place. We spook with hipotherpists en also (not planned) with the director of all complex. The man hoe want on this place 16ha everything maks working for the disable children.

In the evening back in Warsaw we meet Anna Struminska again en evaluated our jurney. We are very under the impression hoe good organised praxis are in Poland. We spook with Anna about the opportunity to continue the cooperation of Poland in our EUprojects. We make appointments for the questinnary en in very good mood de next day went to The Netherlands.

Writed from Agnes de Groot