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Skype 28 9 2011

Skype conference Data collection 28 9 2011
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Short notes sent by mail to all participants LDV Group Data Collectio
Nice evening!

Because we meet only 3 persons (Ulrike, Stana, Ivana), we had to change our program.
Ulrike with her student prepared on Google docs new version of questionnaire, in this time in Dutch, but on Friday it should be translated. On Friday or Saturday Ulrike will send us link on this questionnaire, that all members of DC can look on it and think about , if everyone agrees with Google docs, to whom will be sent results from participants and who will analyse them.
Further all members have to think about questions and answers for them. (Every country can decide to add some other answer- posibilities, depending on answers got in the last questionnaire.)

Our task now is to decide date, where all Data Collection members can join and solve any emerged problems in technical direction with questionnaire in Google docs. The date should be before the meeting in the Netherland. After the meeting we can solve any problem with

For me it is possible to have skype from monday to thursday - all days I have free evenings. I propose 20.00, but I am open to other possibilities.

Good night.